This Local could not function without the dedication of our many committees and the members involved. Please see a list of committees below:

2024 Negotiations Committee

  • Jo Anne Rabanillo
  • Bethany Jolliffe
  • Dela Aziavor
  • Alternate: Sanna Toelke

By-Law Committee

  • Chair: Bethany Jolliffe

Communications Committee

  • Chair: Jessica Davis

Education Committee

  • Co-Chair: Courtney Hogan

Grievance Committee

  • Chair: Silvia Rodrigues

Joint Health and Safety Committee

  • Co-Chair: Jo Anne Rabanillo

Joint Job Classification Committee

  • Farida Pangan
  • Gilberta Bano
  • Alternate: Sanna Toelke (Temp)

Joint Access & Equity Committee

  • Co-Chair: Andrea Henry

Joint United Way Committee 

  • Co-Chair:¬†Sabrina Jancsi

Labour Management Committee

  • Jo Anne Rabanillo
  • Nigam Khanal
  • Alternate: Vacant

Social/Events Committee

  • Chair: Elizabeth Legenza


  • 3 year term: Charlene Turner
  • 2 year term: Vandana Sharma
  • 1 year term: Russhna Munir