Local 2189 has dedicated Stewards at each site who are responsible for relaying Union issues back to the Executive Committee. For more information about Stewards and their responsibilities please see the link below:

Download the Stewards Handbook (PDF)

See a list of Stewards for each site below:

1st Stop Woodlawn: Alicia Douglas, Esther Harvey

Bergamot ELC: Vacant

Bergamot Housing: Nashona Brown

Bongard House: Lilliam Alvarez

Church St (Housing): Vacant

Davenport Women’s Shelter:  Nancy Cadena

Davenport Women’s Shelter Steward 2: Vacant

Elm Administration: Jessica Davis

Elm Centre (Housing): Sabrina Jancsi

ELSD Etobicoke: Rahat Jameel

Girls’ and Family Centre: Vacant

JUMP Scarborough: Samiha Rahman

JUMP/Trades Etobicoke: Klementina Fejzulla

Pape Housing: Dela Aziavor

Property Services: Lidice Lara Diaz, Keron Edwards

Scattered Homes/Madison Avenue: Rebecca Marcus

Women’s Shelter: Erica Fisico

YWCA Arise Shelter: Yelena Vasquez

YWCA Employment Centre (3090 Kingston Rd): Jo Anne Rabanillo, Sanna Toelke

YWCA Employment Centre (2425 Eglinton Ave): Farah Ramhormozian

List of CUPE LOCAL 2189 Officers – January 2024